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How Jua Digital Used Digital Marketing to Help Treasure Bakery Boost Sales

Treasure Bakery is a Ghanaian bakery that specializes in cakes and pastries. The business started small and had a modest following, but as the quality of their products continued to improve, so did their reputation. With the increasing demand for their cakes and pastries, Treasure Bakery decided to take their business to the next level by engaging the services of Jua Digital, a digital marketing agency. In this case study, we’ll take a closer look at how Jua Digital leveraged the power of digital marketing to help Treasure Bakery achieve 1500% return on ad spend (ROAS) monthly.

Understanding Treasure Bakery’s Challenges

Treasure Bakery’s main challenge was creating brand awareness and reaching a wider audience. Despite the quality of their products, they struggled to gain traction with their target market and increase sales. The business lacked a solid online presence, which made it difficult for them to reach potential customers who were searching for cakes and pastries online. In addition, Treasure Bakery’s social media platforms were not properly optimized for maximum reach and engagement, which further compounded the problem.

Jua Digital’s Approach to Solving Treasure Bakery’s Challenges

Jua Digital’s approach was to create a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that focused on personalization, audience targeting, and result-oriented solutions. Our first step was to optimize Treasure Bakery’s existing social media platforms, making sure they were properly set up and had a consistent look and feel. We then created high-quality visuals that showcased the bakery’s products, making sure to use mouth-watering images and tempting descriptions to draw in customers.

Instagram and Facebook Marketing

Instagram and Facebook were our main platforms for promoting Treasure Bakery’s products. Our strategy was to create visually appealing and informative posts that highlighted the bakery’s products, and reach out to customers who were likely to be interested in cakes and pastries. We also utilized Instagram’s shopping feature, which allowed customers to make purchases directly from Treasure Bakery’s Instagram page.

To reach a wider audience, we leveraged Facebook’s highly targeted adverts, which allowed us to reach potential customers who were likely to be interested in Treasure Bakery’s products. The targeted ads were highly effective, as they allowed us to reach the right people at the right time, increasing the chances of them making a purchase.

TikTok Marketing

Although Treasure Bakery primarily relied on Instagram and Facebook marketing, we also incorporated a bit of TikTok marketing into their digital marketing strategy. TikTok is a highly popular platform, particularly among younger generations, and it was an excellent opportunity to reach a wider audience. We created short, fun and engaging videos that showcased Treasure Bakery’s products and encouraged customers to make a purchase.

The Results

Treasure Bakery’s digital marketing strategy was highly successful, and the results speak for themselves. The bakery’s sales increased dramatically, reaching a 1500% ROAS monthly, and their brand awareness increased significantly. The targeted Instagram and Facebook adverts were particularly effective, as they reached potential customers who were likely to be interested in their products, increasing the chances of them making a purchase.


In conclusion, Jua Digital has successfully demonstrated its expertise in digital marketing by implementing innovative and result-oriented solutions for Treasure Bakery’s business. By utilizing Instagram and Facebook marketing, the brand’s visibility has been significantly increased leading to a 1500% ROAS monthly.

The tailored approach to Treasure Bakery’s digital marketing has proved to be highly effective, yielding measurable results and driving growth for the business. By prioritizing the use of visually appealing content and utilizing social media platforms, Treasure Bakery has been able to connect with a wider audience and increase brand recognition.

The digital marketing strategies employed by Jua Digital have helped Treasure Bakery to stand out in a competitive market, showcasing their unique products and positioning the brand for continued success.

Overall, this case study highlights the importance of digital marketing in today’s business landscape and the impact it can have on driving growth and profitability. Jua Digital is proud to have contributed to Treasure Bakery’s success and is committed to delivering impactful digital marketing solutions for all its clients.

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